"Sweet night" pack "Coffrets"


Discover our soothing and protective products for skin: mature, normal to dry, very sensitive.

. 1 x "Three White Flowers" Night Face Cream 50ml - Unifying, firming and soothing.

. 1 x Hand & Body Soap - "Douceur de Provence" - Rich in Shea, Olive, Rhassoul & Lavender essential oil from Provence (3% surgras) Gentle, Purifying & Emollient - 100g. Handmade soap - 100% natural - 100% organic - 100% vegetable, mention Nature & Progrès - Made in France. Delivered in an individual "Neith" organic vegetable fiber pouch!

. 1 x natural Konjac sponge - Enriched with green tea. Cleanses and softens sensitive skin.


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Konjac sponge with green tea

100% biodegradable and 100% natural, originating in Asia, it is entirely composed of vegetable roots, the plant called Konjac.

Enriched with green tea, it has antioxidant properties. Ideal for washing and gently exfoliating the face, it can be used with or without cleansing products.

It is suitable for all, infants, sensitive, mature and atopic skin.

"Three White Flowers" Night Cream 50ml

A real cocooning treatment, soft and creamy, it has essential soothing properties for dry and irritated skin and perfumes the skin with a delicate scent of white lily. Rich in Bellis Flowers, with toning and reshaping properties, this night care is ideal for firming sagging skin. Unifies and brightens the complexion and also prevents the appearance of dark spots.

Formulated for skin: normal to dry, sensitive and irritated.

Hand & Body Soap "Sweetness of Provence"

Soft, Purifying & Emollient - 100g

with Olive, Rhassoul from Morocco, Lavender & Shea (3% Shea butter)

Delivered in an individual "Neith" pouch made of natural plant fibers.

Handmade soap - 100% natural - 100% organic - 100% vegetable, mention Nature & Progrès - Made in France.

Scent: Organic fine lavender from Provence essential oil.