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Our Seven Arrows

Our Seven Arrows

You may be wondering why Eva and Patricia named their company Neith. Neith is the ancient Egyptian goddess of wisdom as well as many other things. Have you heard of Neith? When most people think of Egyptian gods and goddesses they may usually be able to name ones like Osiris, Isis, Horus and Set, but Neith is more mysterious it seems. Also, when people think of ancient mythological figures associated with wisdom they may automatically think of Athena from Greek mythology, being quite similar in nature to Neith in the sense that both are warlike goddesses associated with wisdom.

Neith has her seven arrows with which she created the world and so too does Neith Cosmetics have seven words to with which the company was created:

  1. Organic

  2. Botanical

  3. Vegan

  4. Cruelty-Free

  5. Sustainable

  6. Wisdom

  7. Longevity

If you are new to Neith cosmetics, please consider these seven arrows as a guide for your self-care and self-pampering requirements. If you are already a Neith customer, do you have seven favorite “arrows” or products in our range? Tell people what they are on social media, so the seven arrows above have more awareness. This is important in our fight for nature.

For a long time, most cosmetics brands produced skin creams and make-up involving unnatural and cruel practices. The presence of chemicals in such products can cause allergic irritations to the skin and even worse reactions over long periods of use. Moreover, while people do not wish to think about it, those chemicals were more commonly tested on innocent, living creatures in their harsher versions before being modified for human use. Even when this is done, such products contain instructions such as ‘avoid contact with eyes,’ so one can imagine how labs deduce this. We do not see the suffering test animals experience because they are not shown to us on a daily basis. If such graphic photos were shown, every logical human being would never buy such products again and only purchase from companies that create items in accordance with nature, which are not only not harmful to the skin but also not harmful to beautiful animals like rabbit. All living creatures ought to be left free.

In the past decade, there has been an especially powerful shift towards natural products due to the increased awareness over cruel testing practices, particularly among the younger generations. Typically, Millennials and Gen Z buyers prefer to only shop from brands that exhibit a purity of elegant, organic production in the entirety of their collections. Neith is such a company, so regardless of anyone’s age, please support us at Neith in our efforts to provide you with lovely cosmetics while preserving not only the beauty of your skin naturally, but also preserving the lives of living charms such as beautiful bunnies that belong in the forests, not in labs. Ancient wisdom guides us to treat our skin with botanicals found in nature only. Neith is a symbol of creation and the founders of Neith Cosmetics want to create a new world in which the natural triumphs over the dangerous.

Pauline Chakmakjian.

We would like to engage more with current and future customers of Neith’s products and so we will be having a more active blog in 2021. Pauline, the author of The Sphinxing Rabbit: Her Sovereign Majesty, does us the honor of writing articles for our blog. You can order to read her book in either e-book or print versions through many different retailers, but the Amazon link is here: